Thousand Points Of Hate

About the Band

Formed in late 2002, Thousand Points of Hate - Simon Gordon (ex-Xentrix), Gordie Liu, Paul Le Huray and Nick Degnen - set out to produce uncompromising heavy metal with a ...

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Reviews on the band

"Thousand Points of Hate are astutely kicking up exactly the kind of pounding, metallic stink that our homegrown scene is crying out for."
"A lurching slab of groovy brutality."
3/5 Kerrang!

"The sound across these seven tracks is very metal but with a modern edge"
"At times it's brutally heavy while at others melody creeps through the distortion, Simon Gordon's (ex-Xentrix) vocals complimenting the sound perfectly." 

 3/5 Between Planets.

"Thousand Points Of Hate set out their stall as a band with a sense of classic style and tasty riffs. Vocalist Simon Gordon has a glorious singing voice,…,and the harmonies between Gordon and bassist Paul Le Huray are sublime. It's a promisingly well-formed first effort, from a heavy metal band with a musical maturity well beyond their experience."
4/5 Rock

"If you like your heavy metal on the dark side , then you will enjoy this, with huge crunching riffs and lyrics almost satanic in their tone you could get drawn into this in a way that will get you certified. This is the type of heavy metal that is timeless, the shame of it is that its only a mini album of six tracks, but six excellent tracks that you will play time after time, and with a dark Gothic sound that would sit next to your early Black Sabbath you are almost guaranteed to be rocked to hell and back."
– Rock

"A tight and hard hitting quartet"
"The scathing riffs of 'Scar To Mark The Day' and 'Cut To Reality' starting proceedings in a fantastically brooding manner."
3/5 Skratch The Surface

"One feels some reminiscences of the Sabbath old man but also some discrete assimilations with Metallica, on the whole well arranged"
"Thousand Points Of Hate seems to be able to draw its pin from the current stage business by marking a return moderated towards the gilded sources of the metal"
Zicazine (France)

"Of the more pleasant surprises this month are the British Thousand Points or Hate with their debuut EP Scar to mark of the Day. The link combines heavy metal with modern metal (core) influences that provides interesting music"
"Extremely arranged for people who the last Blaze album can appreciate, as well as links such as Killswitch Engage and god Forbid. I cannot wait for the lords to end up with a complete album!" (Holland)

"Thousand Points of Hate is the sort of band that sounds skillful, quite good at creating the sort of music that they seek to create."
"At the forefront of the album are the vocals,"
"somewhat reminiscent of Alice in Chains, but in my opinion are a bit more unique. The choruses are catchy without being too pop, and the contrast between harmonization and hardcore shouting actually works well."
"Scar to Mark the Day" is very heavy, almost death metal at times, with a decidedly melodic edge. More than one song is reminiscent of recent Arch Enemy, albeit slower. Every once in a while, a surprising rhythm will make itself known, helping to keep "Scar to Mark the Day" fresh upon subsequent listenings."
7.5/10 - (UK)