Thousand Points Of Hate

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Formed in late 2002, Thousand Points of Hate - Simon Gordon (ex-Xentrix), Gordie Liu, Paul Le Huray and Nick Degnen - set out to produce uncompromising heavy metal with a ...

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News from the Band

29th Mar 2007

So things have changed a bit for us again and yes the update is far overdue. James did join the band but has spent a year and half of that time in the UK at Drumtech leaving the band short except for in the holidays. Last Sept James decided to depart the band after a very successful gig at the Vale Earth Fair. This again left us short of permanent members until we hooked up with Stewey in Nov 06. Stewey has previously worked with Gordie and Nick in Sacrosanct so fitted in quickly. The mission now is still obviously 'Operation Enduring Metal' but to get gigging again mid May and to produce more material with a view to releasing a new cd in the near future.

10th Feb 2006

Shortly after the last update in July Simon unfortunately left the band due to geographical problems. We live on an island and he now lives on the mainland. Simon is now fully concentrating on City of God, who's album is now available and is being well received, check out their site City of God for more details. We wish the guys well and hope to see them on the road soon.

While Simon was settling in, over in the UK, we took stock of where we were and started to look for new members. We first found James to fill the rhythm guitar role. A competent shredder full of brutal ideas for the melting pot. We then had to find a singer which proved to be more difficult but Stace came to the forefront so we jammed with him and it all started to fall back into place. We'll be updating the band page with suitable mug shots.

We've also reviewed the tracks for the new cd and have dropped a couple and some are being reworked. With James and Stace now being in the unit we're hoping to have some cool new material for you soon, with new twists but keeping to our metal roots.

25th July 2005

Ok this is the longest we've gone without an update after saying they'd be more regular. The UK tour had to be put on the back burner for a while due to several factors. Currently we don't have any firm plans for the tour but that's not to say it's not going to happen. So we've been spending our time carrying on with the writing. We've taken our time over the new tracks to make sure they sound better than the first CD and the crowd response from the one's we've previewed so far would seem to say we're heading in the right direction. It's just over half done now and we're looking to record later this year.

The sales from the first CD are going well and we'd like to thank everyone who's supported us and bought copies of it.

So back to the writing and we'll update you soon

25th July 2005

After the work on the previously titled Requiem album was completed the band decided to reinvent themselves. Now know as City of God they've re titled the album to 'A New Spiritual Mountain'. This is a great album which takes heavy metal in a different direction. The album should be released shortly and you won't be disappointed.

23rd Sept 2004

Mark Mynett, guitarist and main Kill II This bloke, phoned Simon after Phil Bretnall left K2T recently. Mark mixed “Scar to Mark the Day” for us so he was well aware of how Simon sings and was straight on the blower when he needed some bellowing on the fifth, and possibly final, Kill II This album, “Requiem.” The album is scheduled for release through French label M10 at the end of November. M10 may also take it for the rest of Europe but a deal for UK and US has yet to be confirmed. On the K2T website Mark made the following statement: "The vocalist on 'Requiem', who will also being touring the album, is '1000 Points of Hate' front man Simon Gordon. Everyone will just have to trust me on this one 'cause things just couldn't have worked out better...seriously! The vocals on the album are simply stunning, most of which are just full-on brutal assault. Not only do I sincerely believe that we'll be closing the Kill 2 This chapter with the finest album we've ever done, but that the vocal performance on 'Requiem' is undoubtedly the finest out of our 5 albums. The plan had always been for this last album to be the most vicious, heaviest one to date. And yeah, we've unquestionably achieved that, and then some!! I really cannot wait till everyone hears the album."