Thousand Points Of Hate

About the Band

Formed in late 2002, Thousand Points of Hate - Simon Gordon (ex-Xentrix), Gordie Liu, Paul Le Huray and Nick Degnen - set out to produce uncompromising heavy metal with a ...

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The band "Thousand Points of Hate" was formed in the year 2001 and since then with its enchanting performances it has earned the goodwill of thousands of music lovers across the world.

The band started with Nick Degnen, Gordie Liu and Simon. It was in the year 2006 Simon Gardon who was a vocalist and also playing Guitar later left the band and moved to UK.

However, the band continued with other members and they also gave several public performances and brought out several albums. Currently, the members of the band consists of Nick Degmen on Drums, Gordie Liu on Lead Guitar, Paul Le Huray on Bass and also vocal, Stace as vocal artist and Steway on rhythm Guitar. 

Before the departure of Simon, the band had brought out many mini albums like ‘the day’, ‘Scar to Mark’ and so on. These albums were of great success throughout Europe. The album received appreciation in the popular metal magazine "Kerrang". Encouraged by the appreciation in the magazine, the band continued to perform regularly in Guernsey. 

The band has also been appreciated by members of many other bands like Izzy Stradlin, Steve Harris and hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Mcdaniel.

Currently, the band is concentrating more on bringing out new albums and they have considerably reduced giving public performance. Recently, the band has brought out the album ‘scar to mark the day’ which is considered to be one of the best albums from this band.